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A Precise Table Saw from an Electric Hand Saw This photo is from 1972. It shows me using a table saw I made with an electric handsaw, also known as a circul cheap nike air force 1 ar saw. Some will say, "Why bother?" since you can now buy an inexpensive table saw for the same amount of money. True, but the adaptation shown here allows the user to remove the saw from the table at any time and rip panels or frame hou nike free running shoes cheap nike air force 1 ses, and then return the saw to its table precisely aligned and ready to do close fitting work. You cannot enjoy that dual purpose usage with an inexpensive commercial table saw. This Instructable differs from similar Instructables because it offers that precise mechanism for automatically and exactly aligning the saw each time it is returned to its table. Details of this are in Step 16. If you want yet another alternative for making your circular saw an accurate woodworking machine, see my jordan shoes store cheap nike air force 1 earlier Instructable Get More from Your Circular Saw. Also, after 40 years I built another conversion of an electric handsaw to a table saw. cheap jordans for women cheap nike air force 1 You can see it here. This is a good time to decide on the miter gauge you will use with your saw, and make or buy it. When I made this table saw conversion, I purchased a commercial miter gauge. The steps that follow will show you how to make a good miter gauge yourself. If you choose to make your own, begin with a straight steel bar. The one shown is 1/4 x 3/4 inch and about a dozen inches long. It is what I had at the time. I would recommend a bar of 3/8 x cheap nike air max cheap nike air force 1 3/4 inch steel about 18 inches long, but 1/4 x 3/4 inch may be easier to find and works well, too. Round the edges at the ends a little with a grinder so the miter gauge moves more freely in the slots. The photos in this step and the next steps are from my previous Instructable titled Bench Saw Table for a Lathe.

A premium hypermarket chain opened in Bahria Town Greenvalley, a Premium Hypermarket chain established by Bahria Town, opened its flagship store in Bahria Town Rawalpindi here on Sunday. After a huge success of its first store at Mall of Lahore, this is the second store planned for the expansion phase of Greenvalley. Located at the Intellectual Village, Bahria Town Rawalpindi, it is offering retail facility in town designed on the international standards. The chief guest on the occasion cheap nike air max cheap nike air force 1 was Malik Riaz Hussain accompanied by his wife Mrs Bina Riaz Malik who cut the ribbon to inaugurate the store. The event was attended by a large number of guests, dignitaries and other socialites. With the cheap jordans for women cheap nike air force 1 likes of world's most successful stores Greenvalley Premium Hypermarket is offering a great shopping experience to its customers, providing them with the latest range of international and local products, shopping convenience and a customer experience. The interior has been designed through international retail specialists. The aisles, equipment and allied materials are imported from Italy. It also has a huge parking space, facilitating the shoppers. Malik Riaz, while speaking on the occasion, said that we are proud that like our housing initiative has revolutionised the real estate s nike free running shoes cheap nike air force 1 ector, Greenvalley has new standards of retail in Pakistan. "We look forward to offering a unique retail cheap nike air force 1 experience to customers of twin cities. All its customers can enjoy what we offer in terms of high quality product, service and great value for their money. All over the world the investors are facilitated. In America and England, the companies that are driving their economy are exempted from taxes. Here in Pakistan also big investors should be facilitated. This is our cou jordan shoes store cheap nike air force 1 ntry and we will work hard to develop it. Today at least 2,000 people will get employment from this project," he said. He also announced that all the houses of Bahria Town will be ensured for theft and fire and the first premium of the insurance will be paid by us. VCE Bahria Town Salman Ahmed Khan said that this store is a milestone for us and demonstrates our ambition to continue increasing our presence and improving our accessibility to the millions who have shown interest to shop with us. Malik Riaz has introduced many good things in Bahria Town and this is one of them. This is one of his visions in which the customers are satisfied and get great service and product against their money. He not only conceives great ideas but also knows how to implement them. GM Greenvalley Paul Kamal who had earlier spearheaded the Spinneys operations in Middle East region said that we are committed to making shopping experience as seamless as possible. We are extremely happy with our customers who have been coming to us even before the store's inauguration. Jahangir Khan said that he is extremely delighted that "Greenvalley has opened in Rawalpindi and I can buy everything from here. It's quite closer to our home otherwise we had to go to far off market for each and every thing," he said.

A prescription for success Ring s Pharmacy is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. From its humble beginnings in Fort Smith to its present 6,000 square foot location, Ring s has always been a family affair. In 1963, Larry s father, Wally, took a gamble by moving his business and family to a relatively under developed Hay River. On Feb. 11 of that year, he set up shop in the old Hay River Hotel on Vale Island. In fact, a Dec. 1973 Hub article states that he opened on a shoestring, a borrowed one at that. Almost immediately, he was confronted with a variety of obstacles, such as a basement fire and Hay River s famous flood. Without any insurance, Wally considered mov jordan shoes store cheap nike air force 1 ing back to Fort Smith, but fortunately the damage was minimal, so he cheap jordans for women cheap nike air force 1 stuck to his guns and stayed in town. He would famously order a single item of a product at a time, and wait for it to be sold before re ordering. One of his sons, Larry, has been working at the family business sin cheap nike air max cheap nike air force 1 ce obtaining his pharmacy degree in 1990 cheap nike air force 1 . It s a unique situation that a business can be under the same umbrella for so long, he said, referring to multiple generations of Rings who ha nike free running shoes cheap nike air force 1 ve kept the business alive and healthy. A lot of business partnerships don t last nearly as long. We all went to school elsewhere but we all came back, he said, referring to his brother Les and his sister, Gayle who also run the family business. The Rings couldn t put their finger on what drew them back to the North, or why they are so attached to Hay River, but they were in unanimous consent in regard to the benefits of living in a small community. I go out and I don t want to spend a long time there before I m itching to get back, said mother Marlene. The drugstore has evolved with time, and has expanded accordingly with Hay River s development. In 1966, Wally Ring doubled the size of his business 1,200 square feet this time when he decided to move to the newly built Ptarmigan Inn. While waiting for his new space to become available, Ring essentially had two stores on the go. Sandra Lester worked there for two years during this time. It was quite the experience, she said. I would have been 18 or 19 then. We would receive prescriptions from people in New Town, and call them up when we had received them. She praised the way her old boss would appreciate his employees. Wally expected the best from people and you went out of your way to give him your best, she said. He didn t like people showing up late. He was so kind but no nonsense at the same time. I couldn t have asked for a better boss. Lester said her experience at Ring s was made all the more interesting considering the old town store was located right next to the Hay River Hotel, more commonly known as The Zoo at the time. it was basically happy hour every single day. We had to make sure we had their newspapers ready because at the time, we would get the Edmonton Journal by bus and it had their names on it. In 1971, Ring formed a partnership with Bob Jameson and built the building in which the pharmacy is currently located. True to his cautious nature, he waited until his merchandise and customer demand grew to fill the shelves, according to a June 1998 Hub article. In 1974, Wally took a stand against pornographic material, saying I was never a fan of that damn stuff. A Hub article that year describes how bent he was to eradicate the so called skin books from his shelves. I am only a minority of one but I would like to see some form of magazine censorship in the territories, he said at the time. Lester remembers it well, as she had to turn the bad magazines around so they would face the other direction. The Ring family bond may just be as strong as the relationship the pharmacy has with the rest of Hay River. As soon as Wally and Marlene began their new lives here, they became involved in community organizations, whether it was the Legion, the Chamber of Commerce, the Square Dance Club, the Health Organization or other local groups. Not only is Ring s the only pharmacy in town, but it has also supported Hay River by continually employing its residents.