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A new era for Norwich retailer Another Store won the Retail Skills Academy's window display competition during Norwich Fashion Week earlier this year. Photo: Bill Smith. Increasing rents and rates and a decreasing footfall are responsible for the latest independent shop closure in Norwich, says retailer Sean Ward. The 29 year old from Norwich opened Bespoke Boutique, an independent fashion shop on Lower Goat Lane in the heart of Norwich Lanes, five years ago. Then, in a bold move, he bought homeware shop The Perfect Pad opposite and expanded his business into fashion and homewares under the name Another Store. It is this store that is set to close next week. "When I first opened a shop in Norwich Lanes it was really busy, but lately the number of people shopping here has fallen," says Sean. "Combine this with paying higher rent, rates and bills and it just doesn't make economic sense to continue trading in a shop." Like many retailers, Sean has an online shop, which in contrast to his shop has seen increased sales. It is this online business that Sean intends to expand. "I would save about 40,000 a year if I didn't have to pay for the shop," says Sean. "Online we are doing jordans for men Air Jordan 6 really well and this is where all of my energy is going. With that in mind all I have here is a cheap air jordan retros Air Jordan 6 glorified and very expensive office space." Sean works with emerging designers worldwide, including a few fashion designers from Norwich. His website acts as a platform for young designers to showcase and sell their work through his online shop. "Many independent shops in New York have closed their doors in favour of nurturing online stores," says Sean. "If people do not shop in independent shops and rent and rates remain high in 20 years' time Norwich will be like any other city with high street stores but no independent shops. The high street can offer people what they want cheaper prices and year round sales as they have the investment to do this. There should be more financial help available for independents so they can compete starting with lower rents." Having a boutique which people can come and browse and feel the products before they buy is the ideal. A shop window display is a great opportuni cheap jordans shoes Air Jordan 6 ty to showcase and sell your products, a lesson Sean learned when he entered the Retail Skills Academy at City College Norwich window display competition as part of Norwich Fashion Week in March. "The competition involved working with a student from City College Norwich to create an innovative shop window display that promoted Norwich Fashion Week and showcased the variety of products we have in store," says Sean. "Taking part in the competition was a great experience as working with a student brought fresh ideas to the shop. There should be more competitions like this where students interested in a career in retail can really get involved with a live shop experience. Having an eye catching window display is like an advertisement for your shop and this is one of the downsides to only having an online presence. The other downside of an online shop is that you don't have the same level of interaction with your customers so it's important to offer a different personal experience. We follow up all our online sales with an email to check that everything is all right and we sometimes add extra items to orders it's our way of saying thank you for shopping with us." It is not all doom and gloom among the independent businesses in Norwich. Biddy's tearoom, situated next door to Another Store, will be expanding into Sean's boutique with a homemade cake and chocolate shop to complement the tearoom upstairs. It seems that Air Jordan 6 for some, the traditional way of earning a living is not dead. "Biddy's is doing really well and it is great that they can expand and offer more to Norwich shoppers," says Sean. "It certainly beats the shop laying empty." Sean is optimistic about his future online. His website has been rebranded with new name Unconventional and he has a wealth of fashion talent on board enabling customers to buy from emerging designers. Sean will close Another Store on Friday and to celebrate the opening of his new online shop he is holding an exhibition and pop up shop in store of some of the up and coming designers who will feature in his new boutique. Sean says: "It's kind of like a hello and goodbye. Another Store may be closing down, but another s cheap nike free run Air Jordan 6 tore will be opening online." A private view of the exhibition and pop up shop of emerging designers and artists will be held at Another Store on Friday between 5pm and 9pm. The exhibition and shop will run until Monday April 30.

A new game at Tsawwassen Springs LOWER Mainland golfers are in an enviable position: our climate enables virtual year round play and we have access to t cheap nike free run Air Jordan 6 he best public courses in the country, in a market where courses are competing for our attention and green fees like never before. For a business or organization to try to crack the lineup of public courses it takes vision, dedication, a commitment to excellence and a fiery competitive spirit. They have to give public golfers an excellent experience and back it up with a high level of service and all the intangibles that go to creating a unique destination. If you had played the old Tsawwassen course, you'll know where it is, but until you play the new Tsawwassen Springs course, you won't really know what it is. The old course was a reliable track short, mosquito infested, and fairly easy a favourite destination for industry tournaments where many participants weren't regular golfers. Today, Tsawwassen Springs is at the heart of a new community planned and executed by people whose reputation for success is legendary. Ron Toigo's Shato Holdings, owners of the White Spot restaurants, the Vancouver Giants hockey club and numerous real estate developments around North America, have partnered with leading local names in golf, sports, entertainment and residential development. Together they have created a quietly remarkable new neighbourhood that combines the Lower Mainland's best climate and easy access to major transportation hubs with award winning design and amenities that even now is in its infancy. Their partner in the residential development is Talisman Homes, multiple Georgie Award winners for design and commitment to owner satisfaction. They are integral to the construction of the 496 condominiums and detached homes that make up the Tsawwassen Springs community. In concert with impresario Bruce Allen, hockey legend Pat Quinn and entertainer Michael Bubl, the Toigo family engaged local golf course designer Ted Locke to take a hard look at the expanded course real estate and completely reinvent it. Ted Locke has earned a reputation for developing new courses with a natural feel that reflect and enhance the landscape at facilities like Langley's Redwoods and The Falls in Chilliwack. He also has a knack for updating existing courses and bringing them in line with playing experiences demanded by today's golfers. Alberta and Washington State. At Tsawwassen Springs he has both improved an existing layout and added a new one. The first 10 holes follow much of the old course's terrain but that's where the similarity ends. The front half of the course has been re drawn and is light years ahead of its predecessor in both length and course condition. It's a tightly woven warren of trees, narrow corridors and tiny gree cheap jordans shoes Air Jordan 6 ns. Fairways are lush and putting surfaces slick and water comes into play on 7 of the 10 holes. On the back half of the course, it's all brand new. The wide open layout brings the wind into play and there's plenty of water and fescue to deal with. It's a treat to play. I had the opportunity to do just that recently and was joined by friends Dan Rothenbush, David Hanley and my Air Jordan 6 colleague John Gallinger from the Delta Optimist Newspaper. It was a gorgeous sunny Saturday in late August and the course had only been open for play a few weeks. I was expecting some new course teething issues: turf not quite mature in some spots, bunkers not quite finished in other spots but there were none. Tsawwassen Springs was ready to go. Improvements were evident on the first tee. Turf was healthy, tight and very well manicured. The old 160 yard opening hole had been replaced with a 310yard dogleg right par 4 and a promising round was underway. White fairway markers are at 125 yards and once we factored that into our shot calculations, course management got easier. If memory serves, there was an abundance of par 3s on the old layout. Now there are three on the front and three on the back, as well as four par 5s and eight par 4's. One of the knocks against the old Tsawwassen course was its length. At 5,439 yards from the championship tees, Tsawwassen Springs is within hailing distance of the white tees at Beach Grove, Squamish and Northlands so there's enough length for regular players. jordans for men Air Jordan 6 From the front tees, at 4,010 yards, it's a good test for shorter hitters but make no mistake, this is not a "slamdunk" course. Re cheap air jordan retros Air Jordan 6 gardless of your length off the tee, there's plenty of challenge and the small putting surfaces are very quick an impressive feat for such a young facility. The second hole is a very good example. At 226 yards from the tips, it's plenty of hole for players of any ability. There's water down the left side of the fairway and the big evergreens at the foot of English Bluff rise suddenly beyond. The right is well treed and your options for error are few. The most difficult hole at Tsawwassen Springs is the 475yard par 5 fifth. Its long narrow fairway draws up to an elevated green guarded by sand and some mature trees on the left front of the green. Dan made good contact and was in a little swale just off the right side of the green in two. What did he do? Chipped in for eagle, that's what. We howled. John managed a birdie, but was upstaged. The second par 5 on the front nine, the 492 yard eighth hole, was a long rightward crescent with water all the way from tee to green down the left side. Ranked third hardest, the right edge was lined with trees, so accuracy was the order of the day. We played with a little more caution and kept errors to a minimum. The back half of the course is all new and something of a revelation: as you cross the road to the 11th tee, you're faced with a wide open expanse of fairway and fescue. There are few trees to block the wind and there's water on seven of the eight holes. It was a gorgeous view and worth pausing to absorb. There was a stylish new condo building to the left of the tee, flanked by a water hazard and practice green. Beyond the hole, the North Shore mountains rose above the Delta lowlands stoic blue hued sentinels guarding the Lower Mainland's northern frontier. The fairway of the 301 yard 11th is a broad jade saddle, fringed with fescue baked to a crisp gold in the Tsawwassen sun. The landing area, at about 240 yards from the tee, was generous and a good beginning to this eminently playable section of the course.

A New Kind of Butcher With dreadlocks and a tattoo on his arm, Jamal Bedeau stands at the chopping block at Fleisher's Grass Fed and Organic Meat Market in Park Slope, Brooklyn, delicately slicing a thick slab of beef. The 31 year old didn't have any butchers in his family, but says he raised animals as a kid in his native Trinidad and that carving up whole animals, the way they do at Fleisher's is also the way it's done in the Caribbean. Working as a butcher since he was 23, he says he "loves his job" in part because it satisfies a creative impulse. Fleisher's manager Caleb Murrah, a former chef with pierce marks on his face, says part of what drew him to the profession was getting to interact with the customers he serves, unlike working in the kitchen. Jamal and Caleb are both part of a new generation who are reviving an old craft. Once a blue collar profession that was often passed on from father to son, many of the new butchers of today are a younger hipper breed who adhe Air Jordan 6 re to the ethos of environmental sustainability and humane slaughtering practices. "It's not that we are hipsters," says Bedeau. "It's just that the times have changed. I'm a gamer, I am a father and I'm a butcher." He says people want to have a personal connection to the butcher and are now more conscious of where their meat comes from and how the animal was raised. For instance, Fleisher's only sells locally grown pastured meat with no antibiotics or growth hormones. They also offers a training program for people who want to learn the trade of sustainable butchery. Fleisher's was featured in Suzanne Wasserman's documentary Meat Hooked!, which looks at the rise and fall and rise again of b cheap air jordan retros Air Jordan 6 utchery in America. Wasserman, a social historian, traces the history of butchery back 200 years and follows several butchers throughout her film, including Josh and Jessica Applestone who ow cheap jordans shoes Air Jordan 6 n Fleisher's. "These butchers that we looked at in my film, they were all doing other things. They were working in finance and they were worki jordans for men Air Jordan 6 ng in other professions," says Wasserman. "But they went back and they decided they wanted to work with their hands, they wanted to work on farms, or they wanted to work with doing something that was more meaningful to them." Josh Applestone was a chef and his wife Jessica was a server and both were vegetarian. They wanted to reincorporate meat into their diet, but didn't want to eat the shrink wrapped mystery meat offered at the supermarket. as "an old fashioned butcher shop offering meat sourced locally, free of hormones or antibiotics, and full of real farm flavor." On the Meat Hooked! website, Wasserman explains the resurgence of butchery as part of a trend "to go back to a seemingly more authentic time and place, to a time when a sense of place was concrete, not virtual." She says "butchers, butcher shops and butchering fit into that acute yearning. It allows the consumer to have more of a sense of control over what we eat and a face to face experience with the butcher." One of the more memorable and visceral scenes in the documentary is a pig slaughter. In a culture which often denies that eating meat involves killing animals, Wasserman says it's important for people to see the way it is done. The film shows the entire process from farm to table. Not everyone agrees that organic meat production is as environmentally sustainable as its advocates claim. In a New York Times op ed from April 2012, James McWilliams writes : Grass grazing cows emit considerably more methane than grain fed cows. Pastured organic chickens have a 20 percent greater impact on global warming. It requires 2 to 20 acres to raise a cow on grass. If we raised all the cows in the United States on grass (all 100 million of them), cattle would require (using the figure of 10 acres per cow) almost half the country's land (and this figure excludes space needed for pastured chicken and pigs). A tract of land just larger than France cheap nike free run Air Jordan 6 has been carved out of the Brazilian rainforest and turned over to grazing cattle. Nothing about this is sustainable. Another issue is cost. Organic meat is about 15 percent more than what you pay at the grocery store, though Fleisher's butcher Jamal Bedeau says that's a fair price for the quality of the meat. But for those of us who want to continue eating meat and would still rather go for a more sustainable option than industrialized meat products, food expert Michael Pollan offers a solution: eat less meat. Wasserman agrees. "Pay a little more for it, eat less. It's better for the environment, it's better for the animals, and it's better for us personally."