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A midnight adventure with Ranbir Kapoor Ajit Anantrao Pawar popularly known as Dada (Big Brother) is a Maharashtra politician currently serving as the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Ajit Pawar was then elected as a chairman of the Pune District Co operative Bank (PDC) in 1991, the post he held for 16 years. It merits attention that when he took over, the bank de cheap nike jordans cheap nike shoes online posits were just Rs 300 crore. When he relinquished office the bank deposits had increased to an astronomical figure of Rs 160000 crores (approximately $32 billion). During the same time h cheap nike shoes online e was elected to Lok Sabha from Baramati Lok Sabha constituency. He later vacated his Lok Sabha seat in favour of Mr. Sharad nike air max 90 cheap nike shoes online Pawar who had then become a Defe cheap air jordan shoes cheap nike shoes online nse minister in Mr. P. V. Narasimha Rao government. He is credited for efforts taken to resolve traffic c nike free running shoes cheap nike shoes online ongestion in Pune and Pimpri Cinchwad through vast constructions of flyovers,sub ways and broad roads which were at times matters of criticism.

A Modest Buyer's Guide to Ebay byIn 1995, when a little company called eBay was started out of a small room cheap nike shoes online , no one had any idea how much things were about to ch nike air max 90 cheap nike shoes online ange. Now, nine nike free running shoes cheap nike shoes online years later, eBay has revolutionized the way individuals across the world can conduct business. However, as in any business, there are tips, tricks, and information to enhance the use of the world's largest online marketplace. I have been an eBay user since August of 1998, signing up when I was sixteen years old. My feedback is 100% positive, and I have been both a buyer and seller in numerous transactions. I have spent many hours surfing eBay and I'd like to share with you a few useful things I have learned. Garbage vs. Treasure: Ther cheap air jordan shoes cheap nike shoes online e are tens of millions of items up for auction everyday on eBay's site, and most ar cheap nike jordans cheap nike shoes online e excellent buys, but some are not. The famous saying still has bearing on eBay, "If it looks too good to be true, it often is." Some items up for auction are not what they appear to be. Research before you buy, by tracking a few auctions to learn about the average sale price of the item you want to buy. Compare this to retail prices of similar items. Knowing When to Say When: One of the most satisfying aspects of eBay is finding that rare artifact and getting it for a steal. The number one trick, in my opinion, to being a successful buyer on eBay, is knowing when to STOP bidding. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. Don't sweat a loss, because chances are there will be another item just like the one you lost up for auction again soon, so be patient. EBay is an auction site, and as a user, you have to make the decision on how much any given item is worth, even if the item is new. This is especially true when the seller is an individual, and not an e business. The individual is likely selling an item that has been purchased at least once before, so bid accordingly. Another rule of thumb to follow is that an item is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. If someone really wants an item, that person will pay an outrageous sum to get it, and this may not be a reflection of market value. Don't be fooled by amazingly low opening bids that make your mouth water, as prices can and will rise very quickly, and usually in the last five minutes of an auction. Don't bid until the auction is nearing its end, as bidding earlier may only serve to drive the price up beyond the item's value. Bidding: Bidding is an art form. There are tricks to it, and most people bid the same way, every time, with a kind of religious devotion. My bidding tips are as follows: first, know your item. Some items, like electronics, or a new fad item that get lots of attention, may get scores of bidders. Bid towards the end, and refresh your internet browser often to see the bid status. The refresh button is in the toolbar at the top of the screen. Ebay, unlike some other online auction sites, does not show bidding in real time, so you have to refresh the page to see the latest developments. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot go on eBay and just bid a million dollars. However, Ebay does have its own finance division, and you can get loan approval, even on a Sunday, in as little as twenty seconds. Second, utilize the proxy bidding. Far too many people get caught up in the heat of the moment, at the end of the bidding, and end up spending a lot more than they wanted. One common mistake is to put in a large number of small bids, which add up to a much higher price than was initially anticipated. Ebay offers proxy bidding, whereby you put in a bid of the maximum amount you're willing to spend on the item, and then, eBay will bid for you when others bid against you. I cannot stress enough how valuable this strategy can be. Decide exactly what you want to spend, and then type it in, and sit back. Whatever happens happens, but at least you won't spend more than you planned. If you are one of those that bids small and multiple times, my advice is to bid an odd amount, because most others will bid even amounts. Depending upon the item, the bid increment may change as the price rises. It may start with fifty cent intervals, and then once the bidding reaches a certain amount it will switch to $1 increments. If the bidding on an item is $25.00 with a $1 increment, for example, bid $26.01 or something similar to throw off your opponents. That way, if they bid $26.00 in the final seconds, you will win by a cent, which is cool. Concerning Reserves: In many auctions you may see something called a reserve, and this can be a boon or a bane. A reserve is simply a protection for a seller's item/investment, and it is a set dollar amount, known only to the seller, which is the lowest amount of money that a person will sell for. If bidders do not meet the reserve price, a seller is under no legal obligation to sell his item. Bidders must either ask a seller what his reserve is or find it by bidding. I'm a cautious person with my money, and I never start down a bidding road with a reserve unless I know where it leads. My advice is ask first, then bid. Usually a seller will tell you what his reserve is, but he may not, and legally he does not have to. Unfortunately, sellers sometimes use reserves as unfair weaponry in an auction market. Beware of sellers that set outrageous reserves in an attempt to manipulate the market to their advantage. It takes a perspicacious bidder to know what is too much. A listing that includes NR indicates that no reserve has been set. Shop Around: Countless times, I have found a retail location selling something for cheaper, sometimes a lot cheaper, than on our beloved eBay. This goes doubly for electronics, where you must be extremely wary. When the price is really low, consider the authenticity of the item and whether there is any warranty, and remember that one can often find the same electronics at a good price from a store. Also, be cautioned, there are auctions on eBay that are not actually selling a product, but instead entice buyers into bidding on information ONLY. The seller then supposedly sends the winning bidder either an email or snail mail containing information about locations where something like a $4,000 plasma television can be bought for $100.00. Hold such auctions under the scrutiny of a very thick magnifying glass. Final Thoughts: Ebay can be an amazing experience that brings with it remarkable deals, from some very nice people. However, like in any other large marketplace, there are inherent dangers and smart users are careful users. Even the smallest item requires research so that you know exactly what you're paying for. Always ask sellers any questions you may have, and allow several days for them to respond. It is unrealistic for a buyer to ask questions the night before an item's auction ends, and expect to have them answered. Asking questions is always your best weapon in the continuing battle to get a good deal. Do your homework and shop around. Never forget that if you pay too much, the only one to blame is you. I have been an avid Ebay buyer and seller for the past six years. I have bought everything from two pairs of gently used Gap khakis from a guy on a coral atoll in the Federated States of Micronesia, to a Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4 in Queens, NY.

A moment of pride at the grocery store I experienced a nice moment of pride when I was grocery shopping tonight. I spent about an hour going through cheap air jordan shoes cheap nike shoes online the store ads online, co cheap nike jordans cheap nike shoes online mparing it with my coupons, and making a grocery list to stretch $40 as far a nike free running shoes cheap nike shoes online s I could. I ended up getting $74 worth of groceries for $40 after sale prices and coupons. Woot!! The woman behind me in line looked at me and said, how do you do t nike air max 90 cheap nike shoes online hat? It felt pretty cool. I told her about comparing ads with my coupons, and finding coupons online from various sites. And that some cheap nike shoes online of the sites give me points for using the coupons. She seemed pretty impressed. Plus the store I shop at gives you 1 cent off per gallon of gas for each $10 you spend before coupons. So I earned 7 cents off per gallon from tonight trip to the store. Pretty cool!! I had both my girls (ages 8 and 2) with me, and they both did very well. Another thing to smile about! My son stayed home, but helped put away groceries when we got back. I was pleasantly surprised by all three of them tonight.