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A man takes pictures of a figure of Apple founder and former CEO Steve Jobs near flowers laid in his tribute at an Apple retail store in Hong Kong Steve Jobs is no more. But he left his legacy immortal. From Mac to digital animation, to the iDevices, he is in every man heart and house, today. A Malaysian reads condolent notes to pay tribute nike shoes online to Steve Jobs, the Apple founder and former CEO, at an Apple computer outlet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Apple computer fans hold their iPhone and iPad displaying candle graphics during a candle light vigil to pay tribute to Steve Jobs, the Apple founder and former CEO, at an Apple Store in the Ginza shopping district in Tokyo. Apples with messages paying tribute to Apple co founder Steve Jobs outside an Apple store in Tokyo. Softbank Mobile chief executive officer Masayoshi Son speaks to the media regarding the obituary of Apple founder Steve Jobs at Son company in Tokyo. Hong Kong design student Jonathan Mak poses with a symbol he designed as a tribute to Apple founder Steve Jobs. The logo became an internet hit with its minimalist, touching symbolism and brought a job offer and a flood of commemorative merchandise using his design. An apple is placed next to a flower offered in memory of Apple co founder Steve Jobs at the entrance of the Shibuya App cheap nike free run nike shoes online le store in Tokyo. A woman uses her iPhone to take a photo of a sticker on a flower offered in memory of Apple co founder Steve Jobs, at the entrance of the Ginza Apple store in Tokyo. A man takes pictures of a figure of Apple founder and former CEO Steve Jobs near flowers laid in his tribute at an Apple retail store in Ho jordans for men nike shoes online ng Kong. An iMac computer shows the image of Apple co founder Steve Jobs as a mainland tourist sits near by at an electronic shop in Hong Kong. A rose and a message reading Thank you Steve are display at the entrance of an Apple store on October 6 in Paris. Apple CEO Steve Jobs demonstrates video conferencing with Apple Senior Vice President for Industrial Design Jonathan Ive at the unveiling of the iPhone 4 in San Francisco, California in this June 7, 2010, file photo. Chinese exchange students from nearby De Anza College using candles build Steve Jobs last name in Chinese characters at a makeshift memorial at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California. Jobs, the Apple founder and former CEO who invented and masterfully marketed ever sleeker gadgets that transformed everyday technology, from the personal computer to the iPod and iPhone, has died. He was 56. A memorial outside Apple headquarters is set on a bench following the death of Apple Inc founder Steve Jobs in Cupertino, California. A tribute message to the late Steve Jobs written in lipstick is seen on the window of the Apple Store in Santa Monica, Calif jordans for sale nike shoes online ornia. Flowers in memory of Steve Jobs are seen outside an Apple Store in central Sy Jordan shop online nike shoes online dney. Apolline Arnaud, 12, a neighbor of Steve Jobs, writes a message in front of Jobs home in Palo Alto, California. Surina Shukri lights a candle in remembrance of Steve Jobs outside the Apple Store at West 66th Street in New York. Flowers and a photograph of Steve Jobs are placed against the window outside an Apple store in Boston, Massachusetts. A apple with the word "bye" carved into it sits outside an Apple store after it was left by a man commemorating the life of Steve Jobs in Pasadena, California.

A Manayunk Store Wants To Recycle Onto The Internet Ecomania Didn't Succeed As A Real Shop A Manayunk Store Wants To jordans for sale nike shoes online Recycle Onto The Internet Ecomania Didn't Succeed As A Real Shop. The Owner Is Joining A Trend By Setting Up A virtual'' Shop. The store specialized in shoes, clothing, housewares and other items made of recycled materials. But convincing people to buy the goods was harder than she planned. With rent taking up 30 percent of her overhead and reserve funds running out, she closed the store last week. But not for cheap nike free run nike shoes online good. Heppenstall is going to try two different options available to retailers: the Internet and catalog sales. She plans to have her World Wide Web page up by Valentine's Day and her catalog available by Earth Day, April 22. Environmentalists and vegetarians seem to be gung ho and tend to be repeat buyers. But there are not enough of them to keep coming back to Manayunk,'' Heppenstall, 25, said. I know people that care about the products are out there, and, instead of having them come find me, I'll go find them.'' In moving from a physical store to a virtual'' store and a catalog operation, Heppenstall joins other retailers who were looking for a change, including Barbara Rackes, president of RackesDirect in South Carolina. Rackes operated her chain of three stores for 20 years. Then, one day, she totaled the hours she spent at the stores and decided she was ready for a change. She closed her stores and developed a new plan. She is going to use catalogs and a Web page on the Internet that opens today to sell her custom made knitwear. This Jordan shop online nike shoes online allows us to maintain the company with minimum overhead, because there are no i nike shoes online nventory costs,'' Rackes said. This is the first time in eight years that I've been excited about the retail industry. My choice is a personal choice as well to allow more flexibility in my life.'' Although final figures for 1995 are not available, On Line Marketplace magazine estimated that retail sales on the World Wide Web were $132.3 million. For commercial online services, including America Online, CompuServe and Prodigy, sales totaled $443.4 million, the magazine estimated. People are not closing down their shops to run virtual businesses in droves, but in certain instances it makes sense,'' said Scott Smith, editor of On Line Marketplace, in New York. I could see the logic behind it for certain types of businesses based on the demographics of the customers.'' While some retailers are making the shift, industry analysts say the shopping center industry, which celebrates its 40th birthday this year, really has nothing to fear. There's always a need for the social experience of shopping. Getting out of the house, touching, seeing real colors and doing comparable shopping is part of that experience,'' said Mark Schoifet, a spokesman with the International Council of Shopping Centers. Tom Black, urban development economist at the Urban Land Institute, said Internet shopping has affected retailers because it has diverted some customers away from shopping centers, but the effects have been minimal. Both Black and Schoifet, however, agreed that the impact could be greater in jordans for men nike shoes online the future. The convenience that catalogs and the Internet offer has drawn customers into the shop at home experience. The number of purchases via catalogs has increased over the years, as has the number of retailers on the Internet. Last year, catalog sales totaled $62.6 billion, according to the Direct Marketing Association. They are projected to be $85 billion by 2000, said DMA spokeswoman Donna Krampf. Consumers appreciate catalogs. They get personalized service, they can shop anytime, and gift services are available,'' she said. Retailers can break down the geographic borders and broaden their customer base exponentially'' with catalogs. For those who like the electronic version, the Internet also offers expansion opportunities. For small businesses looking to grow, they'll get more out of the international presence without spending a fortune,'' said Susan Lang of Media Edge, a newsletter about alternative retailers. How else could you advertise internationally? It would cost you a fortune.'' Lang said about 219 retailers have sites on the commercial online services and the number on the World Wide Web changes daily. The number of retailers who do not have physical stores, however, was unavailable. Web sites are also popular because retailers can spend as little or as much money as they want, depending on how sophisticated they want their site to be, Lang said. The idea of having a choice in spending, rather than having to meet fixed costs, such as rent, is attractive to retailers. If I were to start a business today, I would look to see if I could do it electronically before looking at real estate locations,'' editor Smith said. You eliminate some of the costs, and you don't have to worry about choosing the right location.''

A March To Support City's Gun Ban Protesters Stopped At A Gun Shop That Challenged The Ban "We're fired up and we're not going to take it anymore," said Ron Phillips, president of Students Against Violence Everywhere, which organized the rally.The demonstrators, who included former Mayor W. Wilson Goode, State Democratic Rep. Curtis Thomas and members of numero jordans for sale nike shoes online us community groups, chanted, "End the silence, stop the violence."The protesters arrived under many banners some hailed from Pennsylvanians for Handgun Control, others from the Anti Drug Anti Violence Network or thedrug rehabilitation program One Day at a Time but they united in support of the ban on assault weapons.In June, City Council passed the gun control measure, Bill 508, which banned most military style semiautomatic assault weapons in Philadelphia. The measure, which was quickly signed by Ma Jordan shop online nike shoes online yor Rendell, came under fire from Colosimo Inc., a gun store in the 1000 block of Spring Garden Street that filed suit against the city, saying that state laws prevent local governmentsfrom further regulating firearms.The City Solicitor's Office has held that the city may ban semiautomatic weapons because state law refers only to firearms. "Our argument is, the state law applies to regulation of lawfully owned or possessed firearms," said James B. Jordan last month. He is the city lawyer handling the case. ''The weapons addressed by City Council's ordinance are assault weapons and have no lawful purpose," he said.Yet the city agreed in July not to enforce the law after the suit was filed. Judge William J. Manfredi signed a temporary restraining order on the ordinance, preventing it from being enforced until a hearing was held. That hearing is scheduled for 9:30 this morning in City Hall Courtroom 253. A ruling is expected by Oct. 1.While demonstrators chanted "Shut 'em down" outside the shop, store owner Jim Colosimo explained his opposition to the bill, which he described as an ''illegal ordinance."In his suit, Colosimo maintains that nearly all of the 76 year old gun shop's inventory would be declared illegal under the ordinance. The company earns more than $1.3 million in revenue annually. In the suit, the company said its sales revenue "has fallen substantially."Yesterday, Colosimo denied that economics motivated his protest of the ordinance. "Th cheap nike free run nike shoes online is isn't about money," he said. "It's about defending the rights of the 400,000 legitimate gun owners in the city."When asked about the number of gun related deaths in the city, which account for more than half the handgun deaths in the state, Colosimo said, ''People are killed by peopl jordans for men nike shoes online e. . . . People are killed by automobiles, but we're not going to take automobiles off the street."Colosimo called yesterday's demonstration "a cheap political ploy.""It's up to the courts to decide the validity of the ordinance . . . we're going to go to court tomorrow to find out if they're right or I'm right," he said.Student leade nike shoes online r Phillips said he plans to "jam pack" the courtroom today with those in his community who are directly affected by gun violence."We want to bring the brothers and sisters into the court that have been shot up and let them speak," he said.The protesters, who marched from Broad Street and Girard Avenue to Colosimo's at 10th and Spring Garden, stopped at the Cambridge Plaza housing project at 11th and Girard, where three women were shot and killed in what police called an "execution style" slaying last month.