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A healthy body begins with a healthy mind Marc Tey believes that stress is at the root of all illnesses, both mental and physical. But using a variety of therapies, Tey has found ways of alleviating or even eliminating stress in his own life and that of his clients. "The easiest way to describe what I do is that I am a healer," said Tey. "Once you learn to release the negative energy, we can look after the physical illness." Cherryville resident Frances Bayer, 88, has had 12 treatments with Tey, after getting a recommendation from her daughter. "My daughter read the ad in The Morning Star and she went to him and she had such good results from just two sessions," said Bayer. "I have arthritis, high blood pressure, a bad back, worn out hip and knee joints and I don't want to have surgery my doctor said I'm not a good candidate as I have osteoporosis, so when my daughter Jordan shop online nike free flyknit chukka told me she felt so good, I started going. "Marc has helped me a lot: I have scoliosis and that affects my heart and lungs, but I've been feeling so much better since I went to see him." Bayer now sees Tey once a month for what she calls a tune up. And it keeps her fit to continue making t cheap nike air force 1 nike free flyknit chukka he perogies that her customers have come to love. "For 20 years, I did home baking for t jordan basketball shoes nike free flyknit chukka he Vernon Farmers' Market and since I don't do the markets anymore, the perogies keep me busy." Bayer said she has tried a variety nike air max 90 nike free flyknit chukka of t nike free flyknit chukka reatments, but finds Tey's the most effective, as he works through every pressure point on the body. "I find it very comfortable, and I find his personality so soothing; what impressed me is he never takes his hands off your body for two hours, and he's working steady," she said. Kamloops resident Richard Dunn said making the trip to Vernon to see Tey for treatment is one he is happy to make, initially three times per week and now monthly. "I met Marc through a friend who was taking treatment and we decided I should have a two hour session. Later I had some health issues, and between Marc and a naturopathic doctor, I was really helped," said Dunn. "Marc helped me with understanding that my mind controls my body and the power of the mind is incredible once you get in touch with your mind. He addressed the hernia and something I'd never had before and he made it go away in two days." Dunn's treatments have also led to him becoming more selective about what he eats. "I'm convinced that a lot of the foods that we eat are conducive to an early death, and there are so many good foods out there, although you need a little chocolate once in awhile and bacon and eggs once in awhile," he said. And Tey said while a healthy diet is essential, optimal health goes beyond what we eat. "We can eat healthy, but if our mind is always negative, we will lose a lot of energy in our physical body, and our immune system will be compromised," he said. Tey offers psycho immuno therapy, a method of analyzing psychic phenomena and treating emotional disorders that involves treatment sessions where a person is encouraged to talk freely about personal experiences. "Through guided meditation and affirmation, the person will be helped to re program and to increase their immune system," said Tey. "The stress for most people is worse today than it ever has been." Tey also uses therapeutic touch healing, a method of treatment using energy healing that is expressed through his being and his hands. Each session begins with Tey taking a client's history. With a gentle, kind and understanding approach, Tey is able to make a client feel comfortable immediately. In an initial consultation, he spends two hours with a client, understanding what it is they need, and what therapy would offer them the most benefit. "We work directly on the energy level," said Tey, adding that he has helped clients with everything from grief to severe arthritis. "With grief, we tell people that it's the body that dies, not the soul, and we have them send unconditional love to the person who died, just unconditional love." He said his methods of therapy help people free themselves from what holds them back, adding that holding on to anger and other negative emotion interferes with the healthy flow of energy. Tey has studied under five masters and said all of the positive visualization you can master won't help if you are filled with anger, guilt, dissatisfaction or fear.

a heaven for the shopaho Jordan shop online nike free flyknit chukka lics Sandwiched between London's Covent Garden and Soho is Seven Dials a remarkable place to shop far away from the hum drum of the high street! Easy to navigate in a matter of a couple of hours, Seven Dials offers something a little different from mainstream shopping, without compromising on the la jordan basketball shoes nike free flyknit chukka test fashions. Whether you are a fan of luxury brands, a vintage fashion magpie, a self confessed beauty junkie or you like to keep it real with the latest street styles, Seven Dials caters for all tastes and all budgets. When the lights go down, there's plenty to keep you amused restaurants, theatres, bars and some of the best London pubs. Here are our three top picks for shopping in Seven Dials: Mint: For the vintage magpie looking for the some by gone fashion in the Seven Dials, Mint is a shopping haven. The store stocks some fashion collectables from the 30s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Done up in an edgy style, eack nook and corner of this shop sc nike air max 90 nike free flyknit chukka reams re nike free flyknit chukka tro cool! Mint is slightly more expensive than other vintage stores because of its location, but to compete in the vintage wars these days, it's often necessary to just go all out. Tatty Devine: As catchy as its name, are the acrylic accessories that Tatty Divine offers: fun, quirky and literally a work of art. If you stand for fearless fashion, you can bravely sport one of these neckpieces. All the attention will clearly be on you! Miller Harris: If you're looking to titillate your olfactory senses, then you will have a ball at Miller Harris. This store, lit with 1940's French glass lanterns, is full of fragrances, aromatic body products, and candles. Tea cheap nike air force 1 nike free flyknit chukka connoisseurs can indulge in some fragrant teas too.

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